Retail Menu Boards



The true success of a digital signage system is gauged in retail areas.

The results of a retail menu board are quantifiable and whilst detail may vary slightly between exhibitor and supplier, the common objective is simple; “Encourage Sales”

When creating content for retail menu boards Saturn concentrate on 4 key objectives.

  • Acquire attention
  • Deliver information
  • Create enticement
  • Affirm desire

Delivering high impact visual stimulus is a primary objective, keeping the content fresh and current is essential. Size, layout and positioning of retail counters determine hardware topology and content zoning. Retail and Admissions prices can be updated automatically from the EPOS system, this permits accurate and consistent data transfer and permits greater flexibility of product offers or short run promotions.

Retail menu board screen synchronisation enables multi-screen layouts and formatting. High impact visuals can be animated across an unlimited amount of screens or combinations of screen groups.  The use of high resolution product video and associated movie promotions keep the content fresh and current.  Multi -screen animations) acquire attention and provide novelty factor when used correctly.

Scheduling of content provides selected or timed demographic focus.  It allows content to be targeted by time, by day or by event. When deployed in retail environments retail menu boards allow the screening frequency and mix of products to reflect the audience profile or purchasing habits.  Retails offers can be customised to suit film genre or special screenings.

The commonest and most basic form of scheduling is the adoption of play lists. The play- list is a scheduled cycle of media content active on one or more devices. Each device or channel can have independent playlists of differing length and frequency. Play lists can be changed throughout the day or week to reflect the variance in audience demographics or to “Re-Skin” the cinema for special events

Please feel free to contact us directly about retail menu boards to discuss any requirements you may have on +44 (0)161 222 0706.